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Antirrhinum Snappy flowers very early on compact strongly branching plants. As a result of this branching habit, it stretches less than other dwarf Antirrhinums. The bloom time is extremely uniform across the color range as compared to other series i..


Twinny is a new double flowered Antirrhinum. It is the first double flowered F1 hybrid dwarf series in the market. Twinny is preferred in 10-12 cm pots and large containers. Its tolerance to hot and wet weather conditions results into an exce..


Bhindi F1 Hybrid. Strong Upright plant..Maturity after 40-45 days.. Fruits are  Dark Green in Color.. Very high yielding.. Very high tolerance to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus...


Bitter Gourd F1 Hybrid. First Picking can be done in 50-60 days of sowing.. Vigrous plant and large fruits.. Fruits are dark green in color.. High Yield and excellent quality.. Good keeping quality...


Bottle Gourd F1 Hybrid. Harvesting of fruits can be done 55-60 days after sowing.. Cylindrical shape.. Attractive green in color.. High Yielding variety...


Coriander F1 Hybrid. Plant type errect. Big leaves with attractive dark green color. Excellent flovour & aroma. High yielding &easy to grow...


Cucumber F1 Hybrid. Fruit shape is cylindrical. Very high yielding. Good tolerance to downy mildew. Excellent keeping quality..


Dianthus Grace is the first double flowered dwarf chinensis series on the market. Like its single flowered sister the Diana series, it is a good strain for production in packs and pots. Branching is strongly basal, and the plants are smothered in str..


Chica™ is Hem Genetics new dwarf French Marigold series with large flowers. The full double crested flowers are larger in size than other French Marigolds in this type. Next to its large flowers delivers Chica™ earliness and superior u..


Hybrid Vegetable Seed kit (Set Of 5 selected vegetable seeds)1. Bhindi F1 Hybrid - 100 seeds2. Bitter Gourd F1 Hybrid - 100 seeds3. Bottle Gourd F1 Hybrid - 20 seeds4. Tinda F1 Hybrid - 50 seeds5. Spong Gourd F1 Hybrid..



Summer Flowers are those special flowers which are sown when the night temperature rises above 25°C.The good news is that while many plants and flowers seem to be fainting away, there are others that sing merrily along through the mid-summer heat.&nb..



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